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We’re Looking for New Faces…


Visual Artists is searching for new Models & Actors to join our roster as the 2017 busy season approaches. Whether you are an experienced or aspiring model and/or actor consider joining us today. Experience is not required to apply. If you have that unique look we are looking for and a willingness to learn we’ll do the rest. 

If you are looking to get involved in front of the camera as a model or actor in media production, photography, ad campaigns, feature films and commercials you have come to the right place. – Sarah D.

Visual Artists is now looking for fresh new faces in London, ON. We are a new full services agency in London who represent new and experienced models & actors looking for work in feature films, television, commercials, video production, ad campaigns, magazines, print, special events, expos and much, much more.

No experience? No problem. Like all of our talent who joins Visual Artists they will receive free training, workshops, professional photos/videos, social media marketing and promoted throughout the industry with producers, ad agencies, photographers, magazines and casting directors. We work so you work!

If you are looking to get involved in the industry and are interested in discovering the possibilities whether on a full or part-time basis we can help. You can apply directly on our website at: Click Here.

If you have any questions or would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us: Click Here.

Visual Artists has over 10 years of experience in the film and production industry and is looking forward to offering producers, filmmakers, casting agents, ad agencies and photographers the best and most talented people London has to offer.

Benefits with Visual Artists Included…

  • Individual Social Media Marketing and Maintenance
  • Website Portfolio
  • Custom Official Instagram page
  • Comp Cards
  • Customized Demo Reel
  • Custom Portfolio Photo Session

Free Training and Workshops…

  • On-Camera training (3 hrs)
  • On-Set Training & Etiquette (3 hrs)
  • The Audition 101 (2 hrs)
  • Improv 101 (2 x 3 hrs)
  • Acting 101 (2 x 6 hrs)
  • Professional Make-up 101 (3hrs)

If you wish to apply…


  1. No or very little makeup
  2. Simple form fitting clothing and/or swimsuit
  3. Natural lighting
  4. No filters or group shots


  1. One photo should be a full length body shot
  2. Simple form fitting clothing and/or swimsuit
  3. No digital augmentation
  4. No group shots
  5. Photos should be no older than 6 months

Submissions Page – Click here

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